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Just Two Roses

Answering the questions...

November 20th, 2007

Writer's Block: A Tip About Tipping @ 02:00 pm

What's your method for calculating a tip?
Depends on the bill, how nice they were, if they were annoying or not, how clean the place was, etc...

Writer's Block: In My Next Life I'll Be... @ 01:59 pm

If reincarnation were inevitable, what would you come back as in your next life?
Why would I want to be some other animal or plant?
I'd rather not come back lol
Thankfully, it's not inevitable at all!

Writer's Block: Top Five Video Games @ 01:57 pm

What's on your Top 5 video games list?
5) Super Smash Brothers? I guess... lol
4) Harry Potter :) I love getting those beans!
3) Sherk!
2) Crash <3 <3 <3
1) Final Fantasy!!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: Pickup Artist @ 01:56 pm

What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?
The worst pick up line? *all* pick up lines are bad! If you need a line to get someone, they obviously don't like you and you should move on! lol

Writer's Block: ROFL @ 01:54 pm

What comedian makes you pee your pants laughing?
Funniest comedian? Duh, Dane Cook! Can William Sledd count? He's pretty funny!

Writer's Block: Current Favorites @ 01:51 pm

Tell us your current favorite: book, movie, CD, video game.
Current favorite book: Latter Days <3
Movie: Hmm... Latter Days? lol
CD: Penguine Airlines, Sexy Heroes in Transit please! lol
Video Game: FF VII as always!

Writer's Block: This Gets My Vote @ 01:46 pm

Whether it's in an election or just in a fun poll, what's getting your vote this week?
I guess I don't do a lot of online polls but I have been looking into the elections and all...and right now I'm pretty sure I'm going to be voting Republican in the Presidential Election...but I can't vote in the primary because I'm Independent and NJ is stupid when it comes to that. However, I'm kind of scared about who is going to be chosen...on both sides... I'd like it to be Obama vs. McCain right now...but it's looking like either Obama or Hilary vs Guliani. We'll see...

Writer's Block: Fashion: Spooky Style @ 01:42 pm

Show us the best Halloween costume you saw this year.
I didn't really see many Halloween costumes because I didn't go out but the scariest one has got to be Matt Kennedy's Reno 911 outfit! >_< 

Writer's Block: Fashion: My Best Outfit @ 01:31 pm

Tell us about your favorite outfit. How do you feel when you wear it?

 don't really have a favorite outfit I guess. It really depends on what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. I like to feel comfortable but sometimes you need to look nice, too. Generally, I love sweaters, stripped ones mostly. My favorite pants to wear are corduroy! I like to wear colors. I don't really like black, even though it is supposed to be thinning. I like to wear blue because it makes my eyes turn blue! :) I like to wear brown because I just like the color! I like to wear green because for some reason people say I look good in it. I don't really think so, but who knows! I like red because it stands out. I don't like to wear yellow. As I once told my mom "Yellow is for black people...and Nelson!" but some other people look good in yellow, too! I do not however!

Writer's Block: Happy Halloween! @ 01:29 pm

This Halloween I basically stayed in and watched one horror movie.
It was pretty much lame.
But watching the Halloween Roseanne DVDs with Andrew the weekend before is what counts. <3

Just Two Roses

Answering the questions...